Yoga & Fitness Studio

The Studio classes will re-open at the beginning of June 2021 after the studio receives some emergency roof repairs during May.

Please book directly with the instructor
Body Fit Secondary visual beach

  • Monday
  • 6.30am-9am Available to Hire 
  • 9.30-11.45 Justine Rowan Yoga –
  • 12 noon Pilates with Nancy – 07519938993
  • 1.15pm -3pm Available 
  • 3.20pm – 4.20pm 11+ Dance with Create Space Studio finishes 14th December – starts again 11th January 2021
  • 6.30-7.30pm Yoga – Justine Rowan
  • 7.30pm -8.30pm Justine rowan yoga-
  • Tuesday
  • Starts 5th January – 9.30-10.30 Pilates with Jasmine Lewis –
  • Starts 5th January – 10.30-11.30am Rehab Pilates with Jasmine Lewis –
  • 11.45-6.15pm pm available to hire
  • 7.45pm Kettlercise LT Fitness
  • Wednesday
  • 9.30 – 10.30 
    Dynamic Pilates – This class is a full body workout, including elements of Pilates and Barre and working on your strength, mobility, balance and coordination. This is a fairly fast paced class, but with exercises which can be adapted to suit you – so all levels are welcome!
  • 10.45-11.45
    Essential Pilates
    If you’re looking for a Pilates class to help you feel strong, confident and calm, this is the one for you. A slightly slower pace and an emphasis on matwork means this class is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a stress-free but still challenging workout for the whole body.
  • Booking: or 07846806944
    Instagram: @sallypeerlesspilates 
  • 12-5pm available to hire
  • 5.45-6.45pm Mixed ability Pilates – Sally Peerless
  • 7-8pm Mixed ability Pilates – Sally Peerless

All sally’s classes back Wednesday 2nd until 18th December, NOT 6th or 13th January.

  • Thursday
  • 6.30-9am available 
  • 9.30-11.45am Yoga with Justine Rowan Yoga – Starts 10th September
  • 1.30pm-2.15pm – Tai Chi with Kev- Click here to contact Kev –
  • 2.30-5.15 pm available
  • 5.30- 6.30pm Pilates with sally Peerless – All abilities
  • 7.30pm -8.30pm Pilates with Movement Sussex click here to contact Kathryn 3,10,17th December – back to 2 classes a week from 7th January.
  • Friday
  • 6.30am -11am available
  • 11.30am Pilates with Nancy – 07519938993
  • 12.45pm – 9pm available to hire
  • Saturday
  • 6.30-8.45 available 
  • 9.00am -Yoga with Caz Click here to contact Caz – 5TH, 12TH, 19TH December
  • 11.30am onwards available to hire
  • 1
  • Available to hire for regular hourly slots or ad hoc hire – Min 2 hours.
  • To enquire about availability to hire the studio please email Ruth at £15 PH and £18 PH after 5pm.