Hair Removal

Adam & Eve wax is made in Australia with only the highest quality ingredients and essential oils, consistently remove hairs as short as 1mm long and smelling amazing!

High Bikini*
Brazilian - Using hot wax
Hollywood - Using hot wax
Half Leg
Full Leg
Full Leg & Bikini
Fore Arm
Lip Wax or Chin*
Lip & Chin Wax*
Back Wax
Chest Wax
£4 per area
* Hot Wax Upgrade
Facial Hair Removal

Epil-Pro is a specialised hair removal treatment that harnesses the power of sound energy and static which travels precisely down the hair shaft striking and degenerating papillary cells directly at the root causing no trauma to the skin. Can be used to treat all hair and skin types and colours.

Epil Pro - 10 Mins
Course of 60 Mins